Saturday, December 27, 2014

Thinking through pictures......

when there isn't much light doesn't mean it is 'darkness' we are just under a shade. time to rest and prepare for light

in every walk of life... there are patterns, which can remind and guide our path

birds never become extinct... it is we who are becoming isolated from nature

being lit up is different from being illuminated. this picture is 'walking street' with lot of lights but no illumination

being still can bring focus...

striding against the wind...

city lights

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Slumdog’s Redeemer

I happen to see the movie slumdog millionaire with a dozen and more friends of YST. The story of a slumdog managing to answer every question right…. Of course Yes!! All the reviews I read are true, the movie is indeed mind blowing.

A month back I was watching the video of Steve Job’s commencement speech to the graduates of Stanford University. One of the key points he shared was: connecting the dots. Job talks on how various unpleasant events of his life turned out to be the pivotal moments of transformation, leading him create a revolution through Apple and Pixar.

Correlating the movie and Job’s speech, it’s just a reaffirmation for me that every PAST is an answer for NOW, if not - at least leading to an answer in FUTURE.

The simple fisherman did not know why he had denied Jesus thrice!! But you and I know our first Pope, St. Peter.
The Spanish soldier never desired to end his military career, that too by a cannon ball landing on his legs!! But you and I are so happy for that cannon ball for having given us St. Ignatius of Loyola!!
One of the most intelligent men was blind in mind by his impurity and pride. But today You and I turn to St. Augustine of Hippo for inspiration to break from particular sin or habit.

In my life too, whenever I look back - most of the events of the past, which had no meaning then, gives me a strong sense of purpose for today leading to another answer for tomorrow. For me living in this large piece of slum, by his redemption everything makes sense.

If you are able to look back and connect the dots, then do leave a comment.

The Past is for the Mercy of God – The Present lived by Grace of God – The Future is Divine Providence.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

YST Chennai goes online the chennai based Charismatic Renewal community goes www.

For Youth Service Team this would be a lead initiative of Brand building.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Terrorists Fail to Teach Us Again - (a suitable title reflecting the blame game played by India)

Post 26/11, I came across an unsolicited reactive mail addressed to Prime Minister of India - where the writer screams over dirty politics, corruption and many other issues pertaining to national governance. However I was unpersuaded by the mail as it was not intent to ignite an action rather a junk mail traffic.

Our Armed Forces were engaged in an offensive strike for almost 60 Hrs - paying a price to our weak defence mesures. Nations with relatively less defence budgets have managed to build an effective Intelligence agencies for national security, while we have failed to have one despite tackling with extremism and terrorism for many decades.

We have least learnt from such bitter experiences compared to other countries. Still the security arrangements at various vital installation are inadequate - providing easy access to anyone who intents to strike for any reason. The scanning procedures are more a customary rather than exhibiting a sense of alertness.

We continue to blame Pakistan for harbouring and refuse to accept the fact they have evaded our ill defended marine borders. The terrorists have managed to have a terror-tour in Mumbai before taking their planned positions in Taj, Trident and Nariman House. Our patrol system has been so ineffective that we were not able to intersect them, while the press has managed to take positions to capture them with their lens.

All that we have been hearing since the 26/11 are cacophonies from various quarters of the society. Hope we don't give an impression to the terror fraternity that we are still easily available for further surgical attacks. I have no choice but jus HOPE........

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Delay to start..

There have been many instances, where I have been delayed by trivial events such as; searching for bike keys or door lock getting jammed - locking me inside my room or anything odd. Obviously they were real frustrating moments until I realized they may be the blessed moments which has saved my life from dangers awaiting me.

I might have been delayed to start... but am still running.